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Growing across the globe to serve humanity

From its humble beginnings, Renova is today a finished formulations company serving 4 continents and 28 countries. Every time we enter a new geography, we renew our commitment to make healthcare affordable, effective, and available. And that keeps us going.


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45000000 +

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Renova is more than a pharmaceutical company engaged in manufacturing and marketing of world-class quality products. We are a human-first company.
Quality / Innovation

Quality / Innovation

At Renova, we worship quality. Our uncompromising standards and a burning desire to reimagine & innovate is reflected in our name: Renova.


We are humbled by how many lives we touch and improve. Our passion to drive positive change in human lives through healthcare is reflected in everything we do.

Why Renova exists

We exist for a hope. A hope for a happier, healthier world. A world where science has better answers for pain, illness, and cure. It may not be easy, but we know it’s worth doing

Our Core Areas


Our eyes are our among our most valuable organs – and sight the most valuable of our senses...


Skin is the largest organ of the human body. Sadly, most people ignore skin problems, because...


Looking better and feeling better is key to being happy in many ways. Dark spots, for example, can make you appear...


A healthy-looking 43-year old could be suffering from an undetected coronary artery disease....


Every 1 in 12 deaths is due to obesity. Over half a billion people suffer from diabetes. One out of every 3 people report...


The human body is impacted by change in seasons, and temporary conditions like the common cold are not unusual...

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