Impact and CSR

Science that brings smiles

Using science to make people healthy and happy is what we do really best.

As a multinational, finished formulations pharmaceutical company, we’re sure pleased with the speed of our growth. But what makes us really proud is how we are using science to build a healthier society where people fall sick less often and recover faster.

Renova is cheerfully conscious of the responsibility that comes with growth. Which is why we go the extra mile. We work closely with medical professionals to serve the society and make a difference. Because we are convinced every little bit matters.

Cataract and Glaucoma Camps

Despite the overall improvement in the standard of living of the society, there are still a significant number of people whose loss of vision could have been prevented. Glaucoma, for instance, is the third leading reason behind blindness in India.

Renova works closely with different institutions to organize camps for cataract and glaucoma. In addition to helping bring together medical professionals, we also provide free medications to the needy patients.

Women Empowerment in Practice

Even in the most developed societies, women often struggle to receive fair treatment and equal opportunities. As a major pharma company, Renova is always keen to set examples that show our commitment to helping everyone grow.

Being a strong advocate of women empowerment, we are always eager to employ women. Today, 75% of our total staff is women. And the transformation it has brought in their personal and professional lives brings a smile on everyone’s faces.

Sensitivity Towards the Environment

It is indeed disturbing to hear, everyday, how pollutants are contaminating our soil and groundwater. But we don’t want to stop merely at sharing concerns; we want to take positive action that can bring about change.

Over time, we want to be the change we wish to see elsewhere. So we are working toward a zero discharge manufacturing facility. That will help ensure environmental safety, and see to it that we leave a better world for our next generation.

Making Things Really Happen

At Renova, if there’s one thing that keeps us going, it is how science and research pay off to society. That’s because drugs aren’t merely products, they are capable of bringing personal, social, and economic change.