Work that transforms lives

Our teams find a purpose of their lives through the work they perform

Jobs in pharma industry are more than just jobs and careers – they are about doing something meaningful in life. Because when you work in a pharmaceutical company, you are working towards something that’s more than business. It’s about human lives.

Which is why our teams are so proud of working at Renova. They work in an environment that’s committed to healthcare. An organization that is WHO-GMP certified and EU-GMP compliant, reflecting their global standards. And we welcome you to join us!

Where People are not just Assets

Sure, people are the best of our assets, but that’s not all. For us, people are the driving force behind what we do and the reason we can achieve more. Because better teams help us become a better version of ourselves.

At Renova, we have built a team of professionals who are proud of what they do and the impact they create. It is such people who have grown Renova from a small unit to a major pharma company of Western India.

The Spirit that Binds Us All

The commitment to quality, the passion to excel, and the desire to continually grow is the common thread that runs through Team Renova, the spirit that binds us all. Which is why we are not just individuals, but a great team!

We believe simple is swift and talent is seniority. This is what we use to run Renova. We keep things simple, and attract top talent. If you are looking for a career with great opportunities and challenges, maybe we should talk.

A Day in Life at Renova

On the face of it, a working day at Renova may not look that different. Yet we are special. Our day at work is not about hours you spend, it’s about the lives you save. And that single thought remains our guiding light.

We work, we analyze, we disagree, we test, and we achieve. That’s what we do. Daily. No wonder we have grown so quickly. Because we don’t want to be the best pharma company, but the best pharma company to work for. Welcome!