Work With Us

It’s all about working on something that will shape you as a person, daily.

Life at Renova is a balanced mix of challenges for innovation and commitment to serve the larger goal of any organization, which, we believe, is improving the way people live, work, and stay healthy.

We rate individual growth very highly but a commitment to being a team player is something we prize. Life at Renova isn’t easy to describe, but recognition of talent, and freedom to explore best describes how Renova teams work.

Shaping Responsible Professionals

We are rank-neutral in our interactions — we expect people to treat everyone with respect, irrespective of ranks. Because being better humans is more important than being better professionals.

At Renova, we train you at every stage. Because before we ask you to excel, we make sure we excel at training you for your role. Feel free to demand more from us. Because we’ll expect more from you too.

Life in the Best Lane

While most careers in pharma groom you for a life in the fast lane we are different. We groom you for a life in the best lane —a lane that’s best for you and the society. Because that’s what defines Renova.

We definitely stress on performance. But more than that, we assist our people in maintaining a strong work life balance, and a healthy lifestyle. After all, at a pharma company, your health should come first, right?