Harness science in order to help people live better, healthier, and a more meaningful life.


Be a world-class, responsible healthcare company that saves lives, accelerates recovery, and lessens pain


To leverage scientific research in order to ensure that everyone on the planet has access to high-quality, effective life-science solutions


Responsible Growth

At Renova, environmental mindfulness decides how we grow. We aim for sustainable growth and make sure our growth is in tandem with our responsibility towards the world around us.

Entrepreneurial at Heart

While our association with the industry has a history of over four decades, we are entrepreneurial in spirit. We work with agility, thrive on curiosity, and eagerly rise to challenges.

Ingrained Integrity

Strong ethical values, no-compromise quality standards, and respect for people define Renova. A passion for what we do, principles of how we do it and humility in what we achieve help us grow.

Scientific temperament

We are convinced that science will continue helping build a better society. We approach everything scientifically and we believe that every molecule has the power to improve human life.