Heart matters

The WHO estimates cardiovascular diseases claim almost 18 million lives every year. At Renova, we join researchers and medical professionals working hard to overcome this. Because to us, every heart matters, every heartbeat counts.

Fighting the Invisible Enemy

A healthy-looking 43-year old could be suffering from an undetected coronary artery disease. An active 29-year old could soon be the victim of high blood pressure. That’s the tragedy – cardiovascular disease is the enemy that’s not easily visible.

At Renova, we’re putting our competence to scientifically combat these risks. We are building therapeutic value for patients that can prevent further damage, speed up recovery, and improve the quality of their life.

Strategizing Science Better

Changing dietary habits and increased stress levels are only worsening heart ailments. For instance, peripheral artery disease is growing at an unprecedented pace. Thankfully, research and commitment is making an impact.

Our commitment to making a difference is already showing results. And that is leading to Renova channeling more resources and talents into cardiology drugs. Because we believe science can find most answers if done right.

Committed to Care

We believe that once you’ve mastered what you do, delivering quality products need not be expensive. Over time we have developed competence in drug manufacturing in a way that ensures high quality products without any wastage of resources.

As a drug manufacturing company, we constantly learn, research, and innovate in order to maintain our quality standards and improve efficacy. Because we are convinced that high-quality health-care and medicines should be within everyone’s reach.