Quality & Innovation

Quality that can’t be Compromised

When human lives depend on what we do, quality is more than just a benchmark

In pharma, every measure, every drop matters, because the health, wellness, and lives of humans depend on the quality of pharma products. But Renova has set even tougher standards for its products. For us quality is about lives, not products.

No matter where we stand, we follow global pharmaceutical manufacturing compliance standards for quality and innovation. We are a WHO-GMP certified, EU-GMP compliant, and CE certified pharmaceutical company. At Renova, quality is a top priority. 

Testified by ISO Certifications

We are an ISO 9001 : 2015 and ISO 13485 : 2016 certified pharmaceutical company. Our high quality benchmarks drive our growth in the 28 countries where our products are sold. And work hard to do better than yesterday. Always.

Renova regularly runs internal quality audits to find areas to improve further. Our QA experts are always busy doing gap analysis and identifying areas that help us outperform ourselves. 

Innovative, Preservative-free Drugs

Renova Lifesciences is proud to be among the first few companies in India to enter into the preservative-free ophthalmic formulations category. This requires innovation, insights, and inviolable quality standards.

What’s more, we’re all set to enter into the preservative-free segment for dermatology and nasal products as well. All because quality and innovation have become a way of life at Renova. And that’s what growth means to us.

Most Preferred for Manufacturing

Our processes are shaped by a stringent Quality Management System. By following global quality metrics, we have developed a robust Formulations and Development (F&D) infrastructure. We focus on novel drug delivery systems.

Nor surprisingly, we are among the most preferred contractual product development and manufacturing pharmaceutical companies within our category. And yes, we are experts in developing products in niche categories that demand strict quality controls.